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The Alpha Bet Club

The place where Alphas come to place bets and club.

It’s the ultimate playas’ paradise featuring

twenty-six exotic dancers named for each letter of the alphabet. 


Insta-Love Novellas by Kimille 💋


ABC A Tablet & Cover.png

What better place than "The ABC" to hide from her abusive ex-husband? With the money she's earning she will be able to disappear permanently before he catches up to her and makes good on all his promises.


Everything is going according to plan until Matteo waltzes in and hands her his gold card. Now she has to decide if she can trust him enough to keep her safe.


But can he?

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ABC B - tablet and book.png

She treats the pole like a long lost lover and she's more than satisfied with the results. The money is good and life is great. Is it any wonder that she's shocked to find her regular Gold Card is seeking more?

But is she ready for that?

And more importantly, is he?

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ABC C - tablet and book.png

This single mother will do anything to support her two daughters, including taking a job at "The ABC". The money is more than enough to keep them afloat, but just as things are starting to look up, her ex finds out where she works and decides to sue her for full custody.


It feels as if all hope is lost when a Gold Card falls into her lap and its owner offers her a solution to all her problems.


But is she willing to accept it?

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ABC D - Book and Tablet.png

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Life is better than it ever has been after she’s hired at “The ABC”. She’s recovering from a past she’s sure she left behind and finally living the way she always dreamed. With her focus on the future and securing a wealthy husband, she doesn’t realize that all of her plans are about to go up in smoke when a love she didn’t expect blossoms. 


But can love survive when her past comes knocking? 

ABC E Tablet & Book.png

Heartbroken and betrayed by her husband, she has found her safe place at “The ABC” among the dancers who have taken her in and been devoted friends.

Unfortunately for her, ‘til death do us part’ is not a meaningless phrase for the other half of her soul.
He wants what is his.
He is coming for her.
He will let nothing stand in his way, including Felix and Elijah.

Business as usual at The Alpha Bet Club ends here.

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She's coming... soon!

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ABC F Standing Book.png