Her Side of the Story

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“No, no, no, no, NO! Don’t come over here talking to me about falling in love. I don’t want to hear it. Listen, I’ve been in love. Got an ex-husband and two kids to prove it. That’s not what I want. Not right now. Because right now, what I want is to enjoy myself. I took off the wedding bands. I want to date. Have fun. Enjoy myself. Live my best life to the fullest. I don’t want another man to cook for, clean up after or tend to. And don’t look at me like that. If you aren’t doing that ish for your man, then some other female is!

But anyway… I just want time to get to know the me without him. The girl I almost was before I fell in love and got married and had the babies. I want to rewind time and go back to the last moment I was free to be… me. And pick up there. Yes. I have responsibilities and I’m cool with that. I wouldn’t trade my sons for anything in the world or beyond. But now that I’ve mourned the loss of my marriage, I’m ready to see what else life has to offer. I don’t want the love, I want lust! Now let me get my Rule Book out and prepare for this date! A rule book? She got a book of rules? Damn straight! I have a rule book and if you don't have one, you betta get your mind right and make one. In the meantime, you can borrow mine.

Rule #1 - Love yourself.
Rule #2 - Be effing realistic.
Rule #3 - Keep a man in a jar.
Rule #3a - The man in a jar cannot be an ex.
Rule #4 - No second chances. Ever.
Rule #5 - Never wait more than 15 minutes for anybody.
Rule #6 - When it’s over, it’s over. Let that ish go.
Rule #7 - You don’t always have to have the last word.
Rule #8 - Always be prepared to pay for your own ish.
Rule #9 - If he's unavailable, so are you.
Rule #10 - A man will only do, what you allow.

See what I'm saying? This is the kind of thing you need out here. Don't worry there's more where that came from."

- Corrine