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   They're back along with all of your favorite characters for another whirlwind ride.  

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It's about to get bumpy!



In XYZ we were introduced to X, the flashy playboy, and Z, the silent killer, their spoiled nosey baby cousin, Y, and their charismatic adopted father, Diego. The characters took us on a rollercoaster ride of events that left us breathless with twisted emotions. Their tragedies, kept in balance by their resilience, loyalty to each other and determination was the epitome of family over everything.


Z and Najia are starting their forever together as Kreed and iYanna’s love continues to grow. X, on the other hand, is enjoying his new role as the Boss and shining in the bachelor spotlight until…


Meet Taffeny, she’s no beauty queen but she’s everything a man could wish for and everything X has been avoiding. She takes center stage after dropping a bombshell in his lap that causes him to not only change his way of thinking but his way of living. 


After Diego was sidelined in the XYZ Epilogue, T-Lu returns home to pick up her life where she left it with fiancé, James, but she’s in for a shock. When her secret is discovered she’s forced to leave her home and go on the run.


What do you do when you thought you had everything all worked out and it falls apart? How do you make decisions when there’s really no right or wrong answer? 


Tighten your seatbelts and keep your hands inside the ride at all times… In XYZ², the saga continues with new twists and turns as questions are answered, unresolved situations are brought to completion and new characters emerge forcing old ones to adjust. 


If you thought XYZ was amazing, you’re in for a shock with XYZ².

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