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“Five years is a long time to go without seein’ your kids, holdin’ your woman, bein’ with your family, and kickin’ it with your team. Especially when you know they’re on the outside doing their own thing. But I’m back, baby! The X has made an exit. I’m free and ain’t no way I’m about to let this second chance go to waste. First thing's first, I gotta get Taffee to see how much I love her, but before I can do that, I gotta get her to understand that what I did...I did for her. I just hope it's not too late.”
- X

“Listen, I dropped the weight and the insecurities... well most of them anyway. But regardless of all that, I’ve been reinvented and this new sway in my walk wasn’t put there by a man and it won’t be taken away by one either. I don’t need X. When I wanted him, he acted like he didn’t want me. So the judicial change in his address doesn’t impress me. I’m not rearranging my life and more importantly the lives of my babies to suit him! Uh uh. Naw naw. I don’t think so. I just wish his arms didn’t feel so good!”
- Taffeny

“Our wedding day is almost here! We have waited years for our hood love fairytale dream day to happen, but of course in this family, nothing ever goes the way it’s supposed to. Everybody has a secret. Kreed, Taffeny, even me...I just hope we can make it to the altar with our family intact!”
- iYanna

As XYZ comes to completion in this final installment, you will be as enchanted with it as you were with the first two books as Diego and T-Lu will once again have to do what they do best, squash rivalries, mend broken hearts, and try to keep their family together until “The End”.

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